Case Study

Expanding the market for a leading diagnostic chain

Innovantes collaborates with a leading diagnostic chain in India to grow its footprint and develop a low Capex, digital model for B2B expansion


The client faced tremendous competitive pressures from its competitors, especially the unorganized segment expanding rapidly into its region. increased competition could result in lower market share, loss of revenue and increased intensity to attract and maintain patients. The client needed a way to improve its growth, competitively differentiate themselves in the market and better meet the needs of the patients.

Innovantes partnered with the client to create a new digital model to grow its franchisee base and onboard new business partners. The solution also automated and digitized the entire patient journey right from booking to reporting and feedback management

The Solution

Innovantes created mobile apps for patients with a focus around the home sample collection process, digitizing the entire journey from booking to reporting, thus creating a seamless patient experience. The process of allocating orders to the centres and phlebotomists was also automated based on algorithms. CRM and mobile apps for the channel partners were created to onboard new partners, manage orders and schedule appointments.

Streamlined Processes

New processes and workflows were defined for order booking, allocation, collection and reporting

Integration with third-party solutions

We integrated the solution with the client's existing LIS and HMS enabling automated workflows

Mobile Apps

New Apps for patients and channel partners to simplify and digitize the patient journey and create dynamic pricing offers

Feedback Management

New process was created to simplify the feedback mechanism and ensure a faster turnaround on patient feedback.

New portal for the leadership

The new portal helps the leadership get a holistic overview of the performance at multiple levels- city, regional & national etc.

Continuous Delivery

The system was delivered in 6 months with 3 major releases

The Impact

The leadership now has information at their fingertips. The partner onboarding process that took 3 days can now be completed in a couple of hours. With the complete patient-facing processes digitized, the management can now deploy the existing resources to work on more strategic initiatives. The franchise partners now have access to digital tools to grow their revenue.


Reduction in man-hours spent on managing booking requests


Improvement in customer satisfaction score


Manual errors owing to complete digitization

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