Case Study

A single sales training digital platform

Nissan Motors collaborates with Innovantes for a complete digital transformation of the sales training program to improve synergies, capacity, quality and efficiencies


In an industry with cut-throat competition, delivering a superior buying experience to the customers is the key to winning. On the job training for the customer-facing dealership employees is a crucial factor that can help deliver this personalized experience. At the same time, access to reliable and consistent employee evaluation data is the key to continuous improvement.

Conducting a sales training program required the Nissan trainers to visit dealerships, conduct training and upload multiple documents and images. Their existing training and operational processes were slow and used tools, like Excel, that offered little security and reusability across teams. Nissan needed to empower its team with digital tools to conduct the process more efficiently. The management also required access to data in real-time to monitor the programs effectively. They found it difficult to implement the training plans and achieve the desired outcomes, given that the entire training process was undertaken manually with undefined flows and as a result, poor adherence to the training plans

The Solution

Innovantes developed a new digital training platform including mobile apps and a CRM to consolidate all training programs and evaluation onto a single system. The new platform enables the real-time flow of information from dealerships to the management.

Standardization and alignment

The new platform enabled all training processes to be standardized and aligned

Mobile Apps

The new apps allowed the IFTs to conduct training, evaluate employees, view employee-level specific training needs, upload images & documents and hence, ultimately create better customer experiences


Availability of real-time information enabled the management to understand training need at an employee level, make changes to the training programs on a real-time basis and improve training outcome

The Impact

A single connected training platform


Improvement in training adherence


Improvement in training coverage


Reduction in man-hours to prepare training reports

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