Benefits of SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Advertisements are the best way for getting customers for your companies. They are one of the features on which companies throw their money most generously as they are the tools not just for business transformation but also for brand building. From celebrity endorsements to intensive video shoots and bill board banners, there were a lot many advertising tools that companies would invest in majorly. The companies would never shy away from this cost as these advertisements would bring them the return that they were looking for, making their businesses bloom. However, now the scenario has changed.

Television, radio and newspapers were the trinity that dominated the advertising sector. However, they were never as fruitful as the new age medium- internet. Internet, due to its non-existent boundaries and cost cutting methods, has given a new life to the done to death with advertising industry. Through internet even smaller companies have found a way into making a name for them without going bankrupt. The companies can employ digital marketing teams or can outsource these services through a genuine digital marketing firm. Through digital marketing, you can post your ads on sites which your potential customers are likely to stumble upon or the apps and websites that they constantly use.

Being now almost a 40 billion dollars industry, 40% of global ad spends now are directed towards online ads. Even the biggest of the names have realized the fathomless potential that online marketing has to offer and are using it to reap the best results. You can very often see ads of major hospitals, fashion houses or e commerce websites on some random websites that you might have visited.

Through AI, Google collects your data, such as your location, brand preferences, search history etc. and personalizes which online ads will appear to the individual. These ads are the ones that the individual is most likely to click on and thus, comes into play lead generation and conversion. This highly advanced techniques of displaying ads helps majorly in cost cutting as you will not be wasting your ads on people who will not be interested in your brand. Where will the old, redundant ways of television ads and newspaper ads that people mostly ignore will stand in front of such revolutionary practices.

Some things you must keep in mind regarding online ads-

1. They must not be disruptive- Most of the ads that are displayed on the internet are disruptive. This means that they distract the visitor from the main content of the website that he was interested in. This, rather than attracting the customer, repels him and he ends up closing this ad. With the advent of ad blockers such as AdBlock, you have to be even more careful.

2. Indirect marketing- in your face marketing has become repellant. Native advertising, where the ads are hidden cleverly within the content, so that the visitors receives information about the product and the company without even realizing it is the most effective way of advertising. This helps the visitor in understanding the inherent values of the companies without getting too overwhelmed by them.

3. Blogs and articles- One of the best ways of advertising your companies. You must show the visitors that you have enough knowledge about the industry you are dealing in. A high quality and informative content will engage intelligent audience, who can very well be your long term customers.

4. Affiliate marketing- One of the best methods of marketing. You can influence potential customers through your ads on other business’ owned websites that are relevant to your business. These will help you in getting a very genuine traffic. You can post informative SEO articles with subtle advertising tones in order for your consumers to understand what you do and why do they need you. However, you must do this only with the authentic and relevant sites as Google has some strict policies regarding the malpractices with this type of advertising and can award you a penalty of you indulge in any. Do not overdo this too.