How Enterprise Mobility Systems Can Enhance Productivity

Mobility enterprise solutions are the 21st century boons for employees and with them the companies that they work for. It is a known fact that if the employees are happy, it will positively impact their performance, ultimately helping the businesses. Employee productivity is critical to any enterprise not just for revenue generation, but more so for the customer retention. No matter how superior the services that you provide are, if your employees will slack, your business will suffer.

Enterprise mobility solutions are a way to tackle that. They are slowly making their way into becoming a mainstream business practice and are outdoing the traditional business norms. Employees no longer want to be entrapped in a formidable infrastructure that cannot provide them with the benefit of flexibility when it comes to time and place from where they can work. Mobile apps have fostered this trend even more. Mobility solutions make it easier for the employees to work from different locations other than their offices and also for the employers or team leaders to keep a tab on what work are their employees doing.

This shift in the work culture has revolutionized the business models, making them more successful in terms of employee productivity and employee retention. Employees now are preferring companies that can offer a successful mobility enterprise structure to others.

How is mobility enterprise helpful?
If your company has been able to successfully deploy enterprise mobility solutions, then there will be likelihood to reach 100% employee satisfaction. This result may also be due to the fact that with enterprise mobility solutions, a transparency in the performance management can be achieved. The senior management can regularly keep a tab on goal appraisals, performance records etc. which can be more effective against the traditional appraisal methods.

But the major benefit that is derived from this system is that the flexibility that is given to employees in case of workplaces increases their productivity. If an employee is engaged somewhere else and is not able to reach office on time or for that day, his work will not suffer. This increases the productivity by 25%. So, whether the employee is in another city or is in a doctor’s clinic, he can complete his work. This can lead him to do extra work as well, since the time to commute is cut.

What should be your strategy for incorporating enterprise mobility solutions?
Though this system has accelerated employees’ satisfaction with their companies, some concerns do arise. The employees who have long been working in traditional model find it difficult to make the switch to using mobile apps for working. This requires some getting used to.
There are certain ways in which you can ensure that the enterprise mobility solutions that you incorporate in your business can work efficiently.
1. If your employees are reluctant to use the mobile apps to do their work from, explain to them how these will help the company as well as them by promoting these apps within your company.

2. Invest in a mobility solution which can ensure security making it smoother for the employees to switch to these apps. This is very important as the security reasons can be the major repellants for employees when it comes to mobility solutions.

3. Be flexible in the usage of devices. Do not make it mandatory to use only office devices for your employees. Let them use their own phones.

4. Take care of the platforms that your apps are made on. They should be responsive to android as well as iOS systems and must work on both mobile phones and tablets.

5.Enable it for your employees to attend conferences and conduct team calls through mobility services that will help these in becoming more popularongst them.

There are currently a lot of companies that are working towards providing enterprise mobility solutions to a number of firms from various sectors such as healthcare, e-commerce, hospitality etc. What needs to be taken care of is that the mobility solutions that you introduce in your companies correspond directly with the core business values that your company deals in. This will make it easier for your employees to understand the operation of these apps and thus, they will adapt faster to them. Choose wisely while investing into these solutions to ensure that your employees have a well built and managed enterprise mobility solution in their hands.