How LinkedIn Can be Used For Social Media Marketing

Like a lot of other social media tools, that offer a vast opportunity for social media marketing, linkedin too offers similar digital powers. Like Facebook, twitter and pinterest, linkedin can also be effectively used for digital marketing. This tool is not used very often by the companies and is overshadowed by Google and facebook. However, any handle that you have an online presence on, will improve your SEO ranking. Linkedin very effectively caters to that.

Why should you use Linkedin?

Professional contacts- Linkedin is a bit different than other social media handles. It is not the typical social media platform like Facebook where you can reach out to a very large audience, but is one where you can get the maximum leads. People on Linkedin are there only for business.

They too are looking for people from various professions, who can help them in expanding their businesses. Almost 50% ofericans who have been to the college use Linkedin. This gives these businesses a major chance of coming in contact with the educated professionals. So, linkedin publicity will definitely help your business in being noticed and getting more conversions.

How can you make Linkedin work?

For linkedin, like every other social media marketing, you need a strategy. First of all, you must create two handles; one that is personal and second that is your company’s page. Make sure to have one personal linkedin profile too as you can only post articles on Linkedin through a personal handle. In your strategy include different posts that you will be uploading on your handles. These can be links to some other websites that are authentic and related to your field, graphics, articles, links of the blogs posted on your website etc. The more you post the more you get noticed.
Posting is the key on Linkedin. People on Linkedin are willing to go through your posts and see what you are dealing into.

This is a great way to showcase to them the knowledge that you have. One of the reasons why you can be sure that people will go through your posts is because a lot of interaction on Linkedin is done through commenting. Others will too be seeking ways of contacting you. This will be the ice breaker for them. You too should regularly comment on the posts that you like and let people know that you interested in what they are doing.

Another way is running ads on Linkedin. Now these ads can be run through pay per click or click per thousand impressions. The ads themselves are of three types on Linkedin- sponsored content, In mail sponsored ads and text ads.

All three of them can be run on Linkedin depending on your budget. Another feature of Linkedin that works wonders for the companies is Matched Audience. Through this feature you can upload lists of contacts that have visited your web page before or you believe can be your target audience. This feature can be the most effective for the companies as the audience that they reach is the one that can be their potential customers.

Linkedin groups are the best ways to make your brand known to the connections. Posting fresh content on Linkedin can be a sure shot way to not just network but also generate more business.