Key Trends in Web Development

This year promises to bring new ideas, innovative initiatives and fresh developments in web application development, mobile application development, and digital marketing domains. There will be new trends from the current developments related to mobile-friendly applications from Blockchain and Cryptocurrency thereby leaving a significant impact on the global economy.

This year also promises to bring fresh ideas, modern innovations in web development from Analytics, Artificial Intelligence through to Machine Learning ensuring multi-feature web applications resulting in tremendous value addition for end users. Indeed, when it comes to technology, everything is so variable and unpredictable. Now and then, advancement and breakthroughs surprise us and shift our world. The digital revolution continues to set trends and tempt us with new technologies that developers and programmers everywhere will be crazy about.


People are always excited to know the most in-demand technologies as well as the latest updates on web design and software applications. Innovantes being a globally recognized player of this technical industry is all set to contribute significantly like the best web app development company. In addition, being a reputed web application development company, Innovantes will be doing its bit to bring about positive change in web app development space.


To give a foresight on what may be new that will happen, the following is brief information related to the top Web Development Trends likely to dominate the web industry this year.


Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile-friendly websites work well on smartphones. They put to use touch controls and can fit on small screens for quick navigation. Also, they are fast in loading thereby reducing data entry.

Google had developed its own first mobile-optimized search index, which is Google’s best approach to give its smartphone visitors the same quality of user experience when delivering outstanding search results regardless of the device being used. 

The hardware and user-interface used are different between desktops and mobile devices, still, many companies have adopted the strategy to increase their website marketability. It’s a wise move for the number of mobile phone users in the world is going to increase.


Motion User Interface

With a great demand for interactive web design, Motion UI will be widely used this year for its dynamic graphics,azing animation, and real usability impacts. It enables the developer to communicate with the viewer using a variety of tools and techniques.

Motion UI is a sustainable library that allows the seamless transition effects on the user interface and helps developers to animate content as easy as possible even without having a solid foundation in JavaScript or jQuery library.


Blockchain Technology

We have now entered the Bitcoin Era and from it emerges the Blockchain Technology with its heydays at the moment. Blockchain is an open and distributed ledger, notorious for its secured design, decentralized consensus, and modified-resistance blocks. It helps to lower the financial business cost, reduce the frequency of transaction settlement and improve cash flow backed up by transparent records and data.

One of the tasks performed is to create digital certificates using blockchain for cryptocurrency transactions. 



Data breaches, cyber threats, website hacking, and data theft has been a terrible menace that lurks on the darkest shadows of technological advancement and scientific progression, and this year is going to be no different. Cybersecurity or information technology security (IT security) is the computer protection of systems against theft, service disruption, or software or electronic data damages. You are likely to see significant advancements in this domain and new technology trends that will come into existence so as to curb the likely threat of security breach. IT security experts envisage that cybercriminals will be lurking around looking for vulnerabilities requiring strengthening of security of individuals, companies, communities, and industries to protect the private info, servers, and databases. This requires tenacious solutions to battle the cyber challenges of the contemporary world.


AI and Bots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence displayed by machines to imitate human intelligence and perform cognitive functions like learning, collecting data, analyzing information, understanding emotions or solving challenging problems. AI-enabled communication, multi-task automation, and analytics solutions is going to be more prevalent this year. We know how AI’s chatbots, virtual assistants and voice bots have enabled businesses to engage and transform social interaction. Major technologies includeazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana that areongst the most widely used nowadays. Their evolution has empowered the omnichannel for better customer experience and consistency across voice, chat, messaging and web scrolling. Machine Learning (ML) development and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) has helped researches and studies, and AI is set to achieve its goals of successfully simulating human emotions and demonstrate common sense and knowledge.


The web development industry is in the midst of significant new development and there are major steps taken by Innovantes to come up with new frameworks, design trends, and mobile web app developments to satisfy the important requirements, demands and expectations of the tech-savvy end users, and despite some setbacks and limitations, it is likely to thrive, flourish and improve. We are likely to witness these changes and the future trends are sure to leave a great positive impact in the industry helping in the overall growth.