Nissan Motors: Transforming dealership manpower management

Nissan Motors works with Innovantes to transform its dealership manpower management processes and automate critical processes through a cloud-based solution.



Robust and flexible systems are critical to manage, train, and deploy resources at the dealerships, enabling them to deliver high performance to its customers. There were 3 main challenges the client was trying to address.

Facing fragmented manpower systems and processes that invited data accuracy concerns and operations complexity, Nissan realized that it needed to reduce complexity and create a single view of the organization by consolidating and validating information from multiple systems.

The existing incentive management process was manual and required exhaustive & accurate verification of all manpower and sales data across multiple departments of the company. Mistakes in this process could be detrimental resulting in financial losses and compliance issues. The client wanted to automate the incentive management process from verification to pay-outs.

The reporting process was manual and was time-consuming and the scope of error was high owing to the large set of data from multiple systems. A consolidated dashboard providing a view of important operational & financial metrics was needed to meet the time-critical needs of the business while compromising neither on quality and compliance requirements.

The leadership believed that developing a scalable and integrated cloud-based solution would not only support the company’s growth, but serve as a strong foundation for high performance and provide a competitive advantage.




Innovantes worked with Nissan to make a detailed assessment of their current systems, processes & workflows and deliberated various options before finalizing the new technology architecture. Innovantes automated several of the processes identified during the scoping study.

A cloud-based platform based on a modern technology stack was developed and integrated with the critical Dealership Management System (DMS) and the global learning system. Consolidating data from multiple sources, the solution created a single view of every dealership employee incorporating the operational, financial, and learning performance. The process involved cross-verification of details from a set of multiple systems and developing an algorithm to merge multiple records while maintaining the level of accuracy expected for such a critical process.

The solution designed by Innovantes could automatically read and validate the sales data from the multiple backend systems and calculate the incentive based on the applicable business rules and incentive plans. New workflows with embedded controls and rigorous governance were designed to standardize the approval process and the solution was integrated into the finance and accounting system of Nissan to enable automatic payouts on approval. The solution minimized the manual intensive aspects of the work while speeding up the processes and reducing the possibilities of errors to almost nil.

A powerful dashboard was designed for the leadership to get complete visibility into the company’s operational and financial performance and helped them better anticipate business needs. The dashboard is used by the leadership as a monthly 'scorecard' to assess business performance.

Integrated cloud-based system

A cloud-based solution integrated with the Dealer Management system, global learning system, and the accounting and finance systems.

Optimized workflows

Innovantes worked with the client to implement new workflows and processes related to incentive calculation and payouts resulting in improved productivity and shorter cycle times.

BI Dashboard

The new DIY dashboard providing a 360-degree view of the complete organization encapsulating all financial and operational parameters supporting better decision making.



The entire organization merged on a single platform.


Improvement in incentive processing time.


Average improvement in manual efforts spent on report preparation.


Errors in employee records and reconciliation

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